Modular 44 Rim Design

Click here to browse and download ready-to-print rims as well as rim design templates.

The Modular 44 supports 3-D printed rims. The link found above provides design templates as well as finished rim designs. Use these files to design and print your own custom rims for the Modular 44. Two types of rim designs are available- rigid and flexible rim models.

The rigid models are similar to the POM rims included with the yoyo; these should be printed in PLA, PETG, Nylon, or any other rigid material.

The flexible models use a different interface to connect to the hub. Use a TPU or FLEX filament to print these rims. Be sure to remove the O-ring on the hub before attaching a flexible rim.

The rim templates are stored in a .dwg file; this is a 2-D file format that should be easier to modify with a wide variety of CAD softwares. Dimensions are in millimeters. The dotted line on the left side of the drawing is the centerline of the rim; this should be used to revolve the sketch into a 3-D model. The dotted line on the top of the drawing represents the center of width of the Mod44; use this to calculate the total width of the assembled yoyo.

Reducing vibe in your 3-D printed rims is a trial and error process. Some tuning will usually be needed to achieve smooth performance. If you are looking for a dead smooth yoyo, there are already a multitude of budget metal yoyos that will provide what you’re looking for.

A great resource for those just getting started with yoyo design is the "Yoyo Designers" Facebook group; we highly recommend joining if you haven't already.

Happy printing! If you have any questions/concerns/recommendations don't hesitate to direct message us on Instagram or Facebook.

Click here for additional info on how best to remove and install rims on your Mod44.