Stem System

Video coming very soon with additional intro content!

The Stem system is a piece of new axle and bearing seat hardware that can support a wide variety of yo-yo designs. It’s made up of two different pieces. 

1. The Stem

The Stem is the primary piece that holds the yo-yo together, while also centering and aligning the body of the yo-yo so that it’s able to spin smoothly.  It features a cone shaped body that can center itself in a variety of hole sizes and a knurled outer knob to allow for a tight grip when tightening your yo-yo together. 

2. The bearing seat

The second component is what supports your bearing and response pad while the yo-yo is assembled. Different bearing seat pieces can be purchased for use in all Stem yo-yos, depending on what size bearing you want to use. Currently all Stem yo-yos include a D bearing default setup, and C bearing seats can be purchased here on the shop. A bearing seats are currently in testing and will be available in the coming months. 

Setting up your Stem yo-yo is easy. Simply insert the Stem into the yo-yo half, then press the bearing seat down over it until you feel the O-ring hold it in place. Then, you can begin screwing the yo-yo together. If you feel the Stem start to rotate freely in the middle of your yo-yo, you can either hold the Stem by the textured outer edge while tightening, or press the halves together in your hands as you turn. The same techniques can be used when unscrewing your Stem yo-yo if the halves start to spin freely.