The Family

Alex Morton founded Freshly Dirty in the spring of 2016 on a dusty back porch in Redkey IN. Later that same year at the world yoyo contest, he began to build the brand from the ground up with loyal business partner Arthur Foley, and together they created a team of misfits to bring the lifestyle of Freshly Dirty to the yoyo community. Always looking to inspire others, you can often catch Alex at contests around the midwest, reffing at the local paintball field, or mentoring kids at elementary after-school programs.                             

Our resident engineer, Arthur Foley linked up with Alex at the 2016 World Yoyo Contest to help transform Freshly Dirty into what it is today. Alex may describe him as the CAD wizard, but a good magician never reveals his secrets. Arthur grew up in Atlanta but now lives in the Washington DC area. When he's not designing yoyos you can find him out on the tennis courts slicing up some drop shots. 



If you happen to find yourself on the shimmering coast of Saint Joseph, Michigan--there’s the possibility that you may find a wild Wes Shuck. Indigenous to the beach, Wes is rarely seen without a yoyo in his hand. In the heat of the day or the still of the night, he never fails at whipping out some bizarre tricks on his strings. Wes takes a new approach to flow generation, and one look at his unique take on what a yoyo can do will inspire you to get up and throw.  



A bit of a bookworm, Anthony DeSana is pursuing a PhD in physiology at the University of Kentucky. If you have the time, ask him about his research. He will talk for far too long about it. Anthony plays yoyo with two things in mind: fun and relaxation. He plays 1A, but recently, he has been exploring the more technical side of 5A. While not normally a fan of cats, Anthony does enjoy the one in this picture.



You might find our Orlando performer, Noel Kunz, slinging some 5A around the theme parks on any given day of the week. Noel is a aspiring drummer that allows his musical roots to flow and to be felt through his yoyoing. Oh, and word has it that even though he looks like he’s in his early 20s, we recently found out he’s like 65 years old…






 The east coast, bearded mountain man himself. CURFmoney, aka C$. Alex Curfman has been with the team since the beginning in 2016. When he's not climbing rocks, doing handstands, or working on bonsai trees, you'll find him shredding a fixie and warping the 3a style to his own liking. From state contests to Worlds finals he's undeniably shown his skills over the greater part of this past decade. As a man of many talents he is always going to get tricks or die trying. Be on the lookout for more to come from this Mountain Man.

Nate Wade is our resident art man. Most of the engravings that you've seen on our yoyos come straight from the hands of Nate Wade. He is a wizard with whatever medium you throw at him, and, on top of that, he's a pretty swell guy. He regularly attends the New York yoyo club, so be sure to say hey next time you see him. 


Keeping Minnesota cool, is none other than Ray Lessard. He's a soft spoken guy with big tricks that talk for him. Ray regularly attends contests throughout the midwest. His tricks are innovative, flowy, and fun, and we are always chomping at the bit to see what new stuff this kid brings to the table. Also, look in the top left of Ray's picture, and check out how nice Jared Marcus's facial profile is.


From across the pond, Joe Davies, is our most recent addition to the Freshly Dirty Family. Just to give you an idea of how cool Joe is: one time, Anthony asked how to make the best tea, so Joe not only told him how to do it, but sent out a package to the US of his favorite tea. It's Yorkshire Gold if you were wondering.