Modular 44 Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of your new Mod44, there are a few tips and tricks that you should know. Changing your rims is easy as long as you follow these simple steps.


  1. To remove a rim, first place your index finger along the inside of the rim as shown. Next, place your thumb on the “44” logo to create some leverage. While holding the other side of the yoyo with your opposite hand, simply pull the rim at a single point until the O-ring is visible. Some force will be necessary. Repeat this process 2-3 times around different points of the yoyo until the rim is no longer held in place by the O-ring. 
  2. Next, pull the ring straight off of the metal hub. Be sure to pull the rim straight off the side of the yoyo and not at an angle to make this easier.


  1. First, align the ring on the body of the yoyo by snapping it onto the metal hub. The fit is snug to allow smooth performance. This is the same position your rim was in after releasing it from the O-ring.
  2. Next, squeeze the rim over the O-ring at 2-3 different points around the yoyo. Try using your thumbs to press on the metal hub as shown while the rest of your fingers grip the outside of the rim. Some force will be necessary. Repeat 2-3 times around different points on the yoyo until the rim is securely fastened and the O-ring is no longer visible.


  • Take your time! If the rim is being stubborn don’t get frustrated- take it slow, use lots of small actions instead of trying to remove it in one go. 
  • If your yoyo is vibrating, try this:
    • Inspect the yoyo to make sure there are no gaps between the hub and rim. If the O-ring gets pinched by the rim, remove the rim and reinstall. 
    • Remove a rim, rotate it 90 degrees, then install it again. Repeating this process on both rims to maximize smoothness is called tuning. Turn the rim in smaller increments as you get closer to good smoothness. 
  • If your yoyo is still vibrating, it may have to do with a misaligned O-ring. You can check this by performing a fingernail smoothness test on the yoyo without any rims installed; if you can feel some vibe on the hub with just the O-rings, try this.
      • Remove the rim and ensure the O-ring is not twisted. Each O-ring has a small seam on it that should allow you to see if there are any major twists in it.
      • If needed, remove the O-ring by pulling it out with a small pin or fingernail. Reinstall the O-ring, while doing your best to not create any twists. Test for vibe again, rinse and repeat until better performance is reached.

    If you have any further questions or comments please get in touch with us here.