Stem Kit - C Bearing

Freshly Dirty

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These Stem kits can be used to create your own yo-yo at home, modify old or broken yo-yos, or reconfigure your Orchid or Snapdragon to use a size C bearing instead of the stock size D bearing. The full kit includes the following:

2x Stems

2x Size C bearing seats with pads

1x Size C Centertrac bearing

1x set screw 

4x O-rings (to secure bearing seat to Stem, 2 spares included)

If you just want to convert an existing Stem yo-yo to a new bearing size, get the "bearing seat and bearing only". If you want to create a new yo-yo using the Stem system, get the full kit. Shoot us an email or insta DM if you are interested in larger quantities at wholesale pricing :)