Freshly Dirty

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Introducing: the Orchid. One of the main goals of our new Stem system is to open the door to new materials in yo-yo. This is our first release to move in that direction.

The Orchid features a full Teflon body in a comfortable and familiar organic profile. If you’ve never used a Teflon yo-yo, there are a few things that make it unique. The material is softer than other plastics like POM, giving it a different feel in the hand, excellent grinds, and a less painful experience if the yo-yo smashes into your hand. It also has a density closer to aluminum than POM, allowing for unique weight distribution while still giving the classic experience of using a plastic yo-yo.

Teflon is traditionally a very difficult material to use for yo-yo construction due to its softness and low friction properties. The Stem system is the perfect platform to support the material, and some of the durability issues of older Teflon yo-yos are mitigated by using our new hardware. Please note that due to the ultra-low surface friction of Teflon, your yo-yo may feel like it is continuing to tighten even when the Stem is holding everything securely in place. When assembling and unscrewing these Teflon yo-yos, press the halves together as you tighten/untighten the yo-yo for best results. The Teflon material also may have some slight imperfections in its color, please also note that this is normal and does not affect play. 

All of these first run Stem yo-yos will come stock with a size D bearing, and they are compatible with other bearing sizes using additional Stem bearing seat kits.

Diameter: 54.8mm

Width: 41.0mm

Weight: 64.6g