Freshly Dirty

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"Listen to the fidelity of your faded flow."

The VHS is an organic shaped D bearing yoyo. However it didn't start out its life this way. We initially wanted to produce the VHS with titanium, however after testing titanium prototypes we realized that we could keep the same extreme rim weight of the yoyo while switching to a much more affordable material, 7068 aluminum. The results speak for themselves.  Although it's got a classic, unassuming shape, this yoyo's performance is not to be underestimated. We hope you love throwing it as much as we've loved the process of bringing it to life. 

Diameter: 56.1mm

Width: 40.2mm

Weight: 63g

Material: 7068 AL

Bearing: Size D (5x11x5mm)

Axle: 8mm M4

Response: Freshly Dirty D Pad