Mountain Man

Freshly Dirty

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The mountains are calling. 

After well over a year of prototyping and development, Alex Curfman's signature yoyo the "Mountain Man" is finally ready to embark on the trail ahead. When we took a look at the Freshly Dirty team of misfits, it was clear that Alex was more than deserving of a signature design. In his flagship division of 3a, Alex has competed on the world stage multiple times, and earned top 3 podium positions at the National Yo-yo contest. His style combines technical expertise with flow and creativity in a way that pushes those around him to innovate and try to keep up. 

Alex wanted a yoyo with uncompromised stability. Clocking in at 59mm diameter, the design may seem large on paper but after one throw its clear that big diameter = extreme stability. Combined with a moderately narrow profile, the Mountain Man has the endurance to survive even the most challenging 3a, 1a, and 5a tricks while still providing excellent control and maneuverability on the string. The grooved profile and complimentary engraving pay tribute to the mountains that made Alex's yoyo career possible. We hope that this offering will be as much fun for you to throw and enjoy as it was for us to help Alex bring it to life. 

The UNHOLY Mountain Man is a collaborative effort with OhYesYo. The artwork was done by Coffin Nachtmahr; a breakdown of the meaning behind each symbol can be found below. These are a limited edition that will not be produced again. 


59.4mm diameter

41.8mm width

66.7g weight

Centertrac size C bearing

19mm slim pads

10mm m4 axle

6061 beadblasted aluminum