Freshly Dirty

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These "Tough Bird" Canaries were produced in collaboration with Radical Seas in 2018. After 3 years of being lost we are happy to offer this never again to be released legacy yoyo at a discounted price. 

The Canary is Freshly Dirty's collaborative effort with Radical Seas. We wanted to produce something with a focus on creativity and fun. With a centering D sized bearing, light weight, and angular profile, the Canary can flutter through combos effortlessly. The second run of the Canary has a slightly higher weight than the first run at 63.9g. 

Diameter: 52.4mm

Width: 43.0mm  

Weight: 63.9g

Bearing: String Centering size D (5mm x 11mm x 5mm)

Pads: Freshly Dirty D-Pads