Born2Dye Modular 44

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These are special edition Mod44s produced in collaboration with Born2Dye. Born2Dye is a custom dye shop specializing in hand dyed yoyos and plastic products. Each dyed rim is hand dipped and treated with high attention to detail.

Due to the nature of these hand dyed products, small blemishes may be present in the plastic. The dying process can bring out imperfections in the material and small variations in surface appearance may result. 

The Modular 44 is Freshly Dirty's first yo-yo design with interchangeable rims. By using a standard hub-to-rim interface that is compatible with all Mod44 products from Freshly Dirty, one yoyo can suddenly take on many different forms. The Mod44 uses an O-ring system to keep the rim aligned and spinning smoothly, even after extended periods of regular wear and tear.

Generation 2 of the Mod44 includes restocks of the original C bearing hubs, as well as a new D bearing hub that is compatible with both new and old rims from the Mod44 collection.

Each yoyo includes 3 different sets of rims. With this hub, the included rims are:

Supersport (installed in C bearing variant)

Tuner (installed in C bearing variant)

Cruiser (Orange Dyed)

Coupe (Purple Dyed)

For tips and tricks on how to remove and install rims, click here.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Mod44 is open source rim design. Throughout the prototyping process, 3D printing was used to develop new designs and test them in real time. Freshly Dirty supports community members who wish to design and print their own rims. For more information as well as file downloads, click here.


Diameter: 56.66mm
Width: 43.67mm
Weight: 62.6g
Diameter: 56.81mm
Width: 45.55mm
Weight: 65.41g

Diameter: 62.34mm
Width: 44.76mm
Weight: 63.3g

Diameter: 55.24mm
Width: 42.77mm
Weight: 61.1g

Included with your Mod44 is the following:

6061 Aluminum Mod44 hub (Bearing size C or D)

3 sets of Delrin rims

Spare set of O-rings

Cardboard carrying tube for spare rims